Dora The Explorer

Introducing Dora The (Ford) Explorer ‘Dora’ is the unofficial name of my ExpeditionSK rig. It will be developed into a mild off-road vehicle, a capable expedition platform, and comfortable daily driver. She was...


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NE Off-Road Adventure 2016

Recently I was invited to attend the 3rd Annual NE Off-Road Adventure over the weekend of June 10-12th. This off-road weekend, set in the Fort a la Corne forest of east-central Saskatchewan, was full of good friends, camping,...

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Breaker 1-9 – The CB Install

Any great off-road adventure needs friends, and if that means there is more than one vehicle involved, it also means you need a CB radio. Even today, cell phones just don’t work very well out in the woods. The Explorer has...

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Backpack Part 1

This winter, while visiting family, I realized that while the Explorer has a lot of space inside, that space is quickly taken up by my winter survival kit and emergency travel kit. Add in suitcases, and the back gets pretty...

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